Discovery NM750b Main Features


High-resolution, direct conversion, solid-state NM detector technology including:

  • Miniature and high performance CZT semiconductor sensors.

  • Dual head configuration has aligned heads so that images can be combined to potentially enable improved lesion detection.

  • Single calibration map for all isotopes.

  • Registered collimator (collimator holes aligned to the CZT pixels).

  • Detector and collimator stationary during scan.

  • Option to acquire and reframe time sliced images.

  • Improved energy resolution and scatter rejection compared to standard NaI detectors. Direct conversion eliminates the need for PMTs and linearity calibrations.

  • GE CZT detectors provide pre-corrected Sensitivity Uniformity providing uniform image quality.


Operator efficiency: User-friendly, intuitive control commands provide operational simplicity and can facilitate rapid setup.


The Discovery NM 750b requires only a short periodic calibration procedure.

  • Daily quality control (DQC) can be completed in 10 min.

  • No collimator exchange between scans or calibration

  • One button pre-programmed express setups:

       -CC mode: Detectors at 0°

       -MLO mode: Detectors at ±45°

       -LAT mode: Detectors at ±90°


Operator workflow: The NM750b offers tools that can help streamlined workflow and enable improved productivity. The workflow begins with patient selection from the work list, followed by a fast patient scan setup and overall image acquisition time. Image processing allows easy review and data transfer to PACS.


Patient comfort: Only minor immobilization pressure is required for the scan (0-15lbs). Your patient can sit or stand during the scan of the breast or other organs.

  • Minimal “dead” edges of the detectors allow imaging close to the chest wall.

  • Potential dose regime options can enable substantial reduction of administered dose as compared to breast imaging with traditional gamma cameras.

  • Friendly design with stationary detectors designed to help increase patient acceptance and accommodate patients with claustrophobia.


Reliability and Serviceability: The various service benefits provided with the Discovery NM 750b include: iLinq* Single Energy and Uniformity Maps–minimize calibration time to 30min