Remarkable sensitivity. Especially for your patients.


From diagnosis through treatment monitoring, the GE Discovery NM750b can help you manage breast cancer care.


  • Especially beneficial in equivocal exams and pateints with dense breast tissue1

  • For dense breast, MBI technology outperformed mammography in early detection and in finding more cancers2

  • Get answers sooner with functional imaging as compared to anatomic alone 

  • Improve patient comfort with only light immobilization during studies

  • Discovery NM750b CZT detector is close to the breast, increasing the system sensitivity up to a factor of 3 vs conventional WB gamma camera

  • Can be used for small organ imaging

  • Siting simplicity with a small footprint, no shielding and minimal power requirements

  • Upgradeable from a single head to dual head configuration




1. SNM Guideline for Breast Scintigraphy with Breast-Specific Gamma Camera, Version 1.0 Published June 4, 2010

2. Deborah J. Rhodes, Carrie B. Hruska, Stephan W. Phillips, Dana H. Whaley, and Michael K.O’connor, Dedicated Dual-Head Gamma Imaging for Breast Cancer Screening in Women with Mammographically Dense Breasts, Radiology 100625; Published online November 2, 2010, doi 10.1148/radiol.10100625 study was performed using detector prototype of Discovery NM750b.